Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Review: Thorntons Chocolates

My brother and I used to look forward to relatives visiting from abroad just for the chocolates. Those fancy ones with nuts and fruits and all that jazz were so totally popular among us kids, the fights we've had over them are endless. So the moment someone gifted us chocolates, my mum used segregate them and make sure we both got equal share. I used to happily finish off my share and then beg and plead with my brother to give me some of his. After a bit of convincing, he would actually part with some of his stash and I'd do a victory dance. When the situation was reversed, I'd be this really mean sister and refuse to give him some from my share and stand solid on the fact that mum segregated them so we wouldn't have to share. Go on, say it...I'm horrible. :) :)

Anyways, coming to today's review...Thorntons was the first brand of chocolates I was introduced to in the UK. Our first year here was a year of exploring everything British, and chocolates topped the list (for a while at least). My husband is such a Thorntons fan he says there is nothing better than Thorntons ice cream. Its a bit of an exaggeration, but I'll let it pass.
I was sent one of the boxed chocolates by Thorntons- the Continental Milk, White & Dark Collection- to review and that was our after dinner treat for about 2 weeks. Its their finest chocolate range and a good gift idea for anyone who loves chocolate. More so if you don't know what the persons preference is, since this box contains an equal mix of milk, white and dark chocolates, with fruity flavours, with nutty centres, mousses, pralines and so on. We are more of the dark chocolate lovers, so we thought the white and milk ones would go to waste, but I absolutely liked them and there was none left. The ones I didn't really enjoy much were the fruity chocs, but that's just me. I have an issue pairing fruits with chocolates and so the husband took it upon himself to eat it all. The boxes come beautifully packed and you would think twice before throwing it away (and maybe even the ribbon. Yes I have a hoarding problem). They are also packaged well and the chocolates were all intact when it arrived at my doorstep.

If you ever get stuck with a gift idea for a friend, don't forget to check out Thorntons' great gift ideas. They really do have a few options to choose from. Word of advice: Dont gift this box to someone who plans on going on a diet. You may get an earful for the sin they are about to commit. Instead, check out the Thorntons website and get inspired.

With thanks to Thorntons for sending me the samples.


Jeannie Tay said...

Absolutely too beautiful to eat! I must remember this brand and get the someone who goes to UK quite often to buy me a box of this:)

Hamaree Rasoi said...

A variety of delicious looking chocolates. Nice review.

Laurel y Menta said...

unos chocolates muy ricos, gracia por la recomendación


Reflections said...

We love these chocolates too..they simply melt in the mouth. We mostly get them from the duty-free ...I havent seen them in regular shops out here anyway.

carolyn tran said...

This is a real stupid company to order from. No contacts at all. Most part is paid so much money on but is still waiting for my package and not sure if it'll arrive. Somebody need to sue them.

carolyn tran said...

Will never buy anythjng from this company anymore.