Monday, 18 February 2013

Sponsored video: Samsung's Monkey Thief

I saw the above video and thought it was absolutely adorable. I mean I can soooo understand the whole 'monkey thief' campaign because during my short stint in Bangalore right after college, the apartment where I was staying had a temple next to it with a huge banyan tree and so so many monkeys (I dont know what their attraction to the place was though) and these cheeky things would just come through the kitchen windows and steal food and sometimes even spoons and the like. Needless to say I was super scared to walk out of the apartment if I could spot any monkeys monkeying around :)

This video reminded me so much of those days, and I couldn't help smiling while watching the same. Coming to which, the video describes how Samsung's new refrigerator is their target. The refrigerator, which offers a lot of new features, ends up being on their radar, that too after exploring another refrigerator that doesn't fit their criteria. 

One of the most important features of a refrigerator is space utilisation, at least according to me. This one fits the description perfectly by eliminating all dead space- large items can be put in the drawer and a wider and deeper door helps in accommodating big and tall bottles. The new bottom mounted feature has the superior digital inverter technology which means there is no unnecessary energy consumption and offers better cooling performances. Finally, the refrigerator also ensures optimal freshness which means we all get to enjoy a healthy eating style. The CoolSelect zone allows temperature control on specific compartments, the MoistFresh zone controls air circulation, maintaining the humidity needed for fruits and vegetables and the No Frost technology prevents ice build up and prevents water drop
formation which can harm the refrigerator. 

These monkeys know what they are looking for and finds its all in the Samsung refrigerator. They raid the fridge and sneak off, only to leave the owner with an empty fridge. Easy in, easy out! that sums it all.

To know more about the refrigerator and its features, check out their newsroomwebsite and also follow Samsung on Youtube

This is a sponsored post for Samsung