Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Blueberry-lavender gin and tonic

For the past couple of months a whole bunch of us (Nupur, Suchi, Preeti and I) have been busy planning Bloggers' Buzz- a food blogger meet, and its been pretty overwhelming thinking that the big day is in 2 days time. We have managed to rope in 25 bloggers and food enthusiasts and a good number of generous sponsors for the event. We will just have to wait with fingers crossed that nothing goes wrong on the day and the event is deemed a success.

There is a competition up and running for the event and its being judged by Jeanne of Cooksister, who is a well established blogger and photographer. In between all the BB work and some deadlines on the work front I couldn't whip up anything spectacular or innovative for the event, but the thought of winning a Hotel Chocolat gift hamper made me post something anyway.

I am not a big blueberry fan except if its in a muffin. So I was pleasantly surprised when the combination of lavender and blueberry in this drink made it to my top 5 (yes i have a top 5 in my mind). Lavender is quite over powering in this drink, but its such a nice and fragrant herb that I love using it in cakes, cookies and drinks. Here are two ways you can use up lavender l

Makes 6 servings
Water- 1/4 cup
Sugar- 1/4 cup
Dried lavender- 1/2 tsp
Blueberries- 2 cups
Gin- 1/2 cup
Tonic- 200ml (2 small cans)
Ice cubes- as required
Make a sugar syrup by boiling together the water sugar and dried lavender..
Boil, stirring occasionally, till the sugar is completely melted.
Close with a lid and let it steep for about 15 to 20 minutes.
Once the times up transfer the syrup into a glass and cool in the refrigerator till ready to use.

Meanwhile, wash the blueberries and tip into a saucepan with 2 tbsp of the sugar syrup and 2 tbsp of water.
Cook on medium heat till the blueberries break down and gets slightly cooked. It doesn't need to be that pulpy, just break them all down with a wooden spoon.
Cool and strain into a large bowl, diluting it with water if you find the juice is not falling through.
Add the gin and give a good stir. 
Do a taste test and if you need more sugar add the remaining sugar syrup.
Add ice cubes to the glasses and pour in the drink about half with the tonic and enjoy :)
Notes: Add lemonade instead of tonic water for a change
Ignore the gin for an alcohol free version.
Muddle some mint leaves with the blueberries and I'm sure it would be great.


ANU said...

wow luv this....beautiful combo....and very beautiful clicks...
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Akila said...

So interesting n innovative
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divya said...

looks amazing n gorgeous clicks...

Rose from Magpies Recipes said...

All the best for Blogger Buzz Nisha! If I was anywhere that side I would have definitely joined in :)
This looks so yum!

Suja Manoj said...

Sounds a beautiful combo,refreshing

Plateful said...

Love the flavors (minus gin) and the stunning photos! I have lavender syrup in my pantry and I was thinking of doing something with it... :)

Manu said...

wow you're blog is absolutely gorgeous!! this looks so delicious too!

Maha Gadde said...

Delicious.looks very tempting

Honey said...

Really nice blog you have here. Visiting for the first time, my name is Nisha too and I am from the NYC area.
This looks gorgeous.. blueberry gin, wow, never tried that before. :)

Rashida Shaikh said...

Hi dear, I just bump here from Nithya's blog. I’m happy to meet a lovely blogger here. Following you, so I can come back to see your upcoming post.
Have a nice week ahead!
Love & Hugs!

Jian Chin said...

I love it. Don't know is flour.