Sunday, 23 December 2012

Giveaway: Win a Beko under counter fridge {this competition is now closed}

I presume everyone's busy with Christmas preparations?? We had our Christmas party yesterday and I'm still recovering from all the cooking, eating and drinking. Christmas is going to be low key this year and I'm a bit bummed about not being with family, but on the other hand, I'm totally looking forward to some retail therapy on Boxing Day (provided the husband does NOT accompany me) ;)

With loads of cooking and baking being done during the festive season, I'm sure you all wished you had another fridge to store everything? I most certainly did, or do so on a regular basis, especially the days before a party when you need to prep things before hand and store them (ah..all that extra freezer space...). And if you cant deal with a big fridge, then under counter fridge units serve the purpose, with its small size and affordable price. That's where Argos, a leading general-goods retailer in the UK, comes into play.

Whenever we need to pick up anything for the house, we make it a point to check out Argos before making up our minds. In fact, a lot of our cooking equipments, appliances and even the sofa is from Argos, and we haven't had any trouble with them so far. Especially if you are new home owner, then make sure you visit Argos for washing machines, reliable gas cookers, bedding, fitted kitchens and interior decorations and if not, you can still check them out for a good collection of jewellery and watches, children's toys, cameras, mobile phones, and even clothing.
Being a big fan of Argos, I was thrilled when they offered the readers of Look Who's Cooking Too an opportunity to win a Beko White Under Counter Fridge this holiday season. All you need you do is leave a comment on this post saying what your New Year resolutions is. However, this is not mandatory, and if you don't have a resolution just leave a comment with details like name, email id and location so the winner can be notified. The competition is open till the 31st of January, 2013 so you have loads of time to enter. If you are not based out of UK, then feel free to pass on the info or enter for anyone who has an address in the UK.

Terms & Conditions
  • Delivery will be within 28 days of Argos receiving the winner's address, and the competition may vary at the discretion of Argos
  • The prize as described will be supplied direct from Argos, and there is no cash alternative
  • This competition is open to UK residents only.
  • The winner will be picked at random and contacted via email. If he/ she does not respond within a week, then another winner will be picked.
With thanks to Argos for paying me and for the opportunity to host the give-away on their behalf


Lynn said...

My new years resolution is to be organised. i know when things like birthdays and christmas are but i'm never ready for them, I'm going to organise my cupboard s so I can find things too.

Sireesha Puppala said...

My New Years resolution is to cut down my food wastage
Name : Siri
Email :
Location: london


manisha said...

My newyear resolution is to find one which I can stick to for the rest of the year !!

Have been reading ur blog for sometime -tried ur katchi biriyani-came out very well , thinking of doing it for xmas insted of turkey .

Have a lovely Xmas


sherin abraham said...

My New year resolution is to start my day earlier than I do now.

Name: Sherin

Shica said...

My resolution is to be happy.

like wild waters said...
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like wild waters said...
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Jagruti said...

Hi Nisha
well my new year resloution is not to worry about things that you can't change !
Name Jagruti
Location London
email -

Happy New Year !

Anonymous said...

To be more organized! :)

Preeti said...

My new year's resolution is to slow down a bit..2012 has been quite events, bloggers meet, dance concerts, loads at work too...I think I missed out family time. I would like to spend more time at home, cook everyone's favourites and hve fun with them!

Vineetha said...

Thats just the thing I have been wanting since I started decorating space to keep my other stuffs when the cake goes in :)

My resolution might be stop wasting my time on FB !

my email is

Ishoo said...

My new year's resolution is to finally make that life change from architecture to pastry!
Thanks and warm wishes for the New Year!

Gayatri Oommen said...

What an aweswwome giveaway, Nisha. A second fridge is always handy however small it is.

Bharathy said...

Well, mine is cutting down the wt :)and have a check over my usual fad diets ;)

Name- Bharathy
Location- London (where my sis-in-law resides) :P

Wish me luck, wont you? :)

Anonymous said...

Be healthier! Which is a resolution I've had more times than I care to count

Ashley said...

My resolution is to wake up earlier so I can get more done in a day!

Shabs.. said...

Ah, Now I realise that all ladies have same/similar resolutions like mine...I am glad....I keep new year resolutions every year and it never worked, but this time I think I shud make a change. My new year resolutions:

1. Wake up early so that I don't rush at the last minute.
2. Include salad everyday into diet.
3. Cut down on sugar intake which is the base of my weight gain, so ideally weight lose?
4. STOP procrastinating.
5. Prioritise things and do accordingly...


Shabs.. said...

BTW, I too love Argos, I always have an argos catalogue at home.. Recenlt bought Microwave and few toys from there...

Rachel said...

My New years resolution is to begin to learn another language.
Rachel Humphries
Location - Birmingham

Rashida said...

Thats a great giveaway...My new year resolution is to eat healthy and home cooked food(most of the time)...

Wasim said...

My new years resolution is to encourage Nisha to make more goodies and be guinea pig for it. :)