Monday, 10 September 2012

Sponsored video: Rekorderlig Cider, Where's your Swedish Side?

I was introduced to this amazing drink called cider about 4 years back when we had just relocated to UK and was invited to a friends place for a BBQ. I am not so much of a beer person and so I was a bit apprehensive on trying out cider. But once I did, I knew I had found a favourite drink. So that whole year, we were on a major cider trip, buying cans by the truck loads, trying different brands and even making a visit to a cider farm to see how it was pressed...yes that's how obsessed I was, or rather we were that year.

Then we forgot all about it, discovered other drinks and life went on, Till about a couple of months back when we were at a pub and my cider instincts picked up. I asked for cider and the guy behind the bar read out the various brands available and I picked up the name Rekorderlig since I had not heard of it before. I said I'll have that and then he blurts out the various flavours available.

Now before going further, I must say I am a sucker for anything with flavour options available. The fact that there are options is a total winner for me. So there I was put forth with flavours like wild berries, mango and raspberry (which is my current fav!), strawberry and lime, orange and ginger, apple and blackcurrant and of course the basic flavours- apple and pear. Without showing that I was intimidated by the flavours available, I chose the strawberry and lime and was a happy girl.

Came back home and did my research and here's what I found. Rekorderlig is a Swedish cider from Vimmerby and it translates to being 'dependable' or 'reliable'. Made from pear and apple wine of excellent quality and the purest of spring water, the brand has become a much loved cider of many. Check out the video below, take a sip of this fruity cider and I'm sure you will find your Swedish side. I sure have found mine (over and over again!).
If you want to know more about Rekorderlig cider you can check out their website, and to get updates and such follow them on Facebook, Twitter or even subscribe to their Youtube channel here.

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