Saturday, 29 September 2012

Domino's pizza vs the Naanizza I made

As mentioned loads of times before, Fridays are pizza days for us. We mostly have pizza for dinner and if Friday is inconvenient, then Saturday it is. We are ardent pizza lovers and even the frozen ones make us drool. Well not so much, but you know we would have it without complaining much if that was our last choice!

Since we had guests visiting for the past 3 months, our pizza ritual had come to a standstill. We were just wondering how to revive it when I was asked to review the new Gourmet Pizza Range by Domino's. Of course I said yes, because its one of our favourite Pizza brands especially since we have had a couple of bad experiences with some of the other bands and we always return to Domino's. So off we log on to their website and make an order for a take away pizza. It's so convenient, I'm not joking. The wait for the pizza to arrive is the worst but since we are pro's at this whole thing, we time it perfectly well and get the pizza just when our stomachs start to rumble.

The Gourmet range from Domino's offers 4 different types of pizzas- the Firenze with salami, pepperoni and roquito peppers, the Florentine which is a vegetarian option with spinach, sun blush tomatoes, and feta cheese, the Rustica with chicken, bacon, spinach and tomatoes (which is what we ordered) and the Four seasons with a 1/4 of all the 3 above mentioned pizza's and sun blush tomato topping.
The Rustica was a good change from the usual Mighty Meaty which, as the name suggests, is loaded with all kinds of meat (delicious if I may add). This one was much mellow in nature with the individual flavours coming right through. If there was one complaint, I would say that the tomato was a bit too tangy for my liking and a bit over powering. I loved the addition of smoked bacon rashers and of course spinach is a winner for us any time.

To make the review more exciting, I was also asked to create my own pizza and compare it to that of Domino's. I decided to go ahead and try making my version of the Rustica pizza at home. Since I was a bit time constrained, I chose to use Naan as the base. I have done it a lot of times before and must say its a really easy and tasty alternative to a normal pizza base. If you manage to get flavoured naan then even better because you get the best of both worlds. I also used pancetta instead of bacon which was probably not the best idea because bacon would have done more justice to it taste wise. The pancetta was not a bad choice but in the larger scheme of things, its flavour just got lost. Comparing mine to the Domino's Rustica- I love the pizza sauce Domino's uses, which of course I couldn't get right, so full points to Domino's for that. I used normal cherry tomatoes instead of the sun blushed ones since I thought that was what made it a tad too tangy, so points for me on that one. The chicken strips, I shall keep them bigger next time because Id shredded them too fine for it to stand out, Rustica did a great job with the size of the strips. Since I didn't want to keep any leftover filling, I loaded my naanizza with toppings, which was perhaps one advantage over the Domino's. But then you cant have it all right :)
But on the whole Rustica stayed true to its name and I would definitely be trying out more pizza's from their Gourmet Range. People, if you haven't given it a go as yet, do try it and oh please do yourself a favour and also try the chicken kickers which I think is so yummy it makes me want to eat the entire thing without sharing with Ro. 

Naan- 4 small/ 2 big (plain or flavoured)
Pizza sauce- 4 tbsp
Baby spinach- 1/2 cup
Shredded chicken- 1 cup
Cherry tomatoes- 1/2 cup, sliced into halves
Pancetta- 4 to 5 rashers, cooked and sliced long
Mozzarella cheese- 1/4 to 1/2 cup (as required)
dried oregano- 1 tsp
Olive oil- to drizzle
Dice the chicken into chunks and marinate with salt and pepper. Cook in a saucepan till well done and keep aside to cool.
Shred using a fork and keep aside. You can store remaining chicken in an air tight container in the refrigerator for 2 to 3 days, and use it in a sandwich or you can even freeze it.
Place the naan on a baking tray that has been lined with aluminium foil or baking paper.
Slather on 1 tbsp of pizza sauce on to each naan if using small ones, or 2 tbsp per big naan.
Arrange a layer of spinach leaves on top followed by shredded chicken.
Arrange the sliced cherry tomato cut side up. You may want to go easy on this if they are too tangy.
Either crumble the cooked pancetta and throw onto the naan or for a more orderly look, slice it lengthwise and place it strategically 
Finally add the mozzarella cheese, again in any way you like, over the toppings or next to it. Its cheese, you can eat it however:)
Sprinkle the oregano, drizzle olive oil and place in an oven preheated at 200C for about 6 t0 8 minutes.
Don't keep it in for too long, it can go crunchy on you.
Take it out of the oven and eat while hot, otherwise its rubbish.

Notes: Feel free to marinate the chicken with any spice you like. I kept it simple.
Some grated Parmesan would take it to the next level.

With thanks to Dominos Pizza for gift vouchers to pick up the pizza


DivyaGCP said...

Love this idea of making pizza with naan as a base.. Interesting and delicious, "naanizz".

divya said...

Looks soo lovely idea and Tempting..!!

Torviewtoronto said...

deliciously done lovely pictures Nisa

Cardamom Hills said...

ooohhh pizza...ahhh pizzaaa....i love pizzaa...but only homemade pizza like the one u made :) those clicks are gorgeous....naan is a great base for pizza!

Vijayalakshmi Dharmaraj said...

interesting with naan...

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I think this naanizza rocks!

Sameena Prathap said...

Loks real yumm...:)


Jamie said...

We've been making naan pizza for about a year - love your idea for a combination of toppings! We also love putting a bit of pesto on the garlic naan then putting some chicken sausage, tomatoes, spinach and mozzarella on top. Yum!

Shema George said...

love this naanizza...looks so terribly good Nisha kutty :)

אוכל אנשים חושים said...

Simple and delicious recipe

Priya said...

Cant take my eyes from ur beautiful naanizza, fantastic.

Pavithra Elangovan said...

Who will say no to this Nisha... absolutely beautiful pictures and way too tempting Naanizza :)

Reshmi Mahesh said...

Naanizza's look tempting...Loved the review with very detailed info..Very beautiful clicks as always...

Neha said...

Wow...nannizas looks gorgeous...Love your pictures...drooling...

savitha ramesh said...

nanizza looks great..u hav a wonderful blog.glad to follow u.

Satya said...

naanizza is really woderfull looks so it

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Manju said...

I donno if Dominos has that particular pizza here in US, but does sound yumm....I've heard of this term Nannizza huh!! and your looks great :-)


Nitha said...

Thats a nice idea.. Havent heard of it before...

Amina Khaleel said...

your naan + pizza looks delicious... Naanizza is such a wonderful name... very well coined!!

Hamaree Rasoi said...

Nannizza looks simply delicious. Can't stop admiring them.

Shweta in the Kitchen said...

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Kathryn said...

We do this with Trader Joe's Garlic Naan all the time! So easy, so fast, and sooo delicious!!