Saturday, 30 May 2009

Chorizo al Vino

Don't get carried away by the name..its just chorizo in red wine and a very very easy dish to make. We discovered this at a Spanish tapas joint called La Tasca and fell in love with it. I was on the look out for chorizo and couldn't find fresh ones at the supermarket, so on one of our regular trips to Borough market we picked up a few at the Spanish stall. Here is the recipe:

Chorizo- 3, cut in small
Garlic pods- 3, thinly sliced
Dry red wine- 1 cup or even more depending on your taste
Olive oil- 1tbs
Parsley- a handful

Sizzle the olive oil in a hot pan. Once it starts to smoke, throw in the garlic and chorizo and sautee till they are slightly done. Pour the wine and mix well on low heat. The mixture should be semi gravy-like and the chorizo should take in the colour of the wine. Take it off the heat and garnish with parsley.
It can be served on its own or with small cubes of bread to dip in.

Note: Oil oozes out of the chorizo as well, so don't overdo the olive oil.
Be careful when you pour in the wine, it can flame up.


Enigma said...

this certainly looks yummy...humm anyway cant have wine and all that stuff for quite a long time now and anyway wont get it here too, but would love to try this out

An Open Book said...

Really u don get wine there??????? oh i though u did get all the fancy wine and alcohol there

Enigma said...

ahh alcohol is a big no no here na...caught with alcohol and u r a gonner...we do get illegal stuff and many drink long as u dont get caught its ok.. since its smuggled, its expensive too..and then lots of those illegal/illicit liquor as they call available...the vaattu stuff..

An Open Book said...

Ah ok Dubai the same as well?