Tuesday 16 May 2023

Brazilian lemonade

Serves 4
Whole limes- 2, properly washed and cut into wedges with skin intact (remove the hard white pith which makes it bitter)
Cold water- 2 cups
Condensed milk- 1/2 a tin
Ice cubes- to serve

Into a blender add all the ingredients except ice cubes.
Blend for about 10 to 12 seconds, not more.
Strain into glasses, add a few ice cubes and serve cold.

Notes: Make sure you dont blend it for too long, or else the lemonade will end up tasting bitter.
Some of the lime wedges may not get fully blended and thats fine, just strain and use.
Adjust the condensed milk as per taste. It is a little on the sweeter side but thats how i like it.
Stays fine in the refrigerator for a day. The mix will separate, but just give it a good mix and it will be absolutely fine.