I, Me, Myself

Here's a whole page I created to brag about myself :

For starters, my name is Nisha and I blog from the most amazing city in the world (well after New York of course), London. An Open Book is what I really am and so I choose to keep that user name.

I am not that big a fan of cooking. Then why a food blog, you may wonder? Like all you guys out there I didn't start this blog for the love of cooking or because I wanted to preserve my moms or grandmothers' recipes. I started it for my benefit really. I used to spend ages researching a recipe online (because I would have absolutely no clue) and then taking bits and pieces from here and there and create something that would soothe our taste buds and then forget to bookmark the page and go absolutely crazy trying to recreate the same thing again. The research bit all over again tested my patience and so I thought I should start a blog to record all those recipes I try, because cooking from books were so passée :)

I am not creative when it comes to cooking, which brings me to my partner in crime...Ro, my other half (I choose not to say better!) who hates following a recipe. He will throw in all that he can find on the shelf and till now (other than the one time he decided to put some red wine into an Indian beef curry) he's been successful with the outcome. That drives me mad, not him cooking, but him aimlessly adding, changing, mixing and matching ingredients and procedures. So the days he takes over cooking I try and stay outta the kitchen...which means weekends are all for glugging down mugs of beer and watching TV. He even cleans up after himself and after me for that matter..he says cleaning and washing up is his core competency area...now I'm definitely not complaining about that.

Coming to the photography bit. I am completely amazed at how I'm enjoying it. Ro's photography craze has definitely rubbed off on me. I now cook so I can take pics. The irony is that I hated photography in college and the projects submitted were so horrible, I always used to scrape through. I now use a Canon EOS 500D and a Tamron 17-50mm F2.8 lens. I still have so much to perfect with the pictures, and since my patience levels are low, my styling sense goes for a toss once I'm done with cooking and that's an area I am definitely keen on improving.

I do have a long way to go with regard to a lot of aspects and I hope I keep my blog alive as long as possible. I love the fact that I have a place to pen down whatever I want without being worried about grammar checks and spelling mistakes and word count. At the end of it all...if the clumsy, non creative, lazy bum like me can cook and take a decent (I hope) picture, I think anyone can :)

When I am not blogging, I do my (paying) job as a Consultant for Bobo Macarons and as freelance writer and editor for various magazines and websites.

If you have any queries, doubts, assignments or just wanna connect, shoot me a line at mykitchenantics@gmail.com.

Open Book