Sunday, 13 January 2013

Sponsored video: Tropical Sun's Free Vending Machine

With snow expected in most parts of the country this week, we are all getting ready to braze the minus degree temperatures and the ghastly winds. As much as I love snow, the feeling soon dies by day two when it turns to slush and walking on ice becomes a feat. With the gloom over our heads, the least we can do is enjoy this video by Tropical Sun, with the hope of better things to come. The sun, the sand, the sea..ah summer, you are so so far away aren't you?

Anyway, to not let the weather dampen your spirits, take a look at this interesting video set in the Caribbean. The team at Tropical Sun (aptly called Ray) have introduced a live wending machine which lets you choose free samples from their range of products and loads of free discount coupons which can be redeemed at various retailers. Some meat seasoning, jerk seasoning, Barbecue sauce etc. can certainly do wonders to lift your spirits I'm sure.

Watch the video to see how the 'Rays' get the vending machine stocked up. It sure is fun!

Click on the link to view the free vending machine and claim some of those goodies.
I could just spend my day watching the live web cam with a Pina Colada in my hands and pretend I was on the beach..sigh! :)

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starstarcrazy said...

Wow, thanks for the fantastic insight on these wonderful tropical sun seasonings before I buy. Can't wait to try!