Sunday, 16 December 2012

Sponsored video: Blacksticks Blue Cheese

We love cheese. Period. 
When we were in India, the only cheese we used to get were the processed ones, which in all honesty was no where near the real 'cheese.' Since that was the only option, we thoroughly savoured it and didn't complain one bit about it not being 'the ultimate cheese.' I even remember buying a very expensive block of cheese from a supermarket back home, grating it on pizza and patiently waiting for it to melt. The pizza was done, but the cheese was rock hard and wouldn't even budge. Yes! that basically sums up our cheese experience in India. I am sure things have changed a bit in the big metros, and it is only after experiencing the varieties of cheese abroad that you realise what you were missing out on. Blue cheese was one of the cheeses introduced to us after we got to the UK, and we took a liking to it. 

If you are looking to do a cheese platter this Christmas then make sure you include the Blacksticks Blue Cheese- an exciting British Blue cheese created by hand at the Butlers Farmhouse Cheese dairy in Inglewhite, Lancashire. With three generations of cheese making behind the family, and loads of awards to their credit, the Butlers' aim at making their cheese to a very high standard in every possible way. Added to their range of high quality farmhouse cheeses is the Blacksticks Blue cheese, a soft, blue veined cheese with a creamy, smooth and tangy taste. The distinct amber colour makes the cheese stand out on any cheese platter, which is more than enough reason to have it on you Christmas menu this year. You can also choose from Blacksticks Creamy, Blacksticks Silk and Blacksticks Velvet, which are some of the other cheeses in their range.

From including the cheese in a variety of recipes, to just enjoying it with a cracker on the side, your options are endless. After all, celebrity chefs like Simon Rimmer, Nigel Howarth and Glynn Purnell can never be wrong with their choice. So pick one up for your party this year and you wont be disappointed. In the mean time, enjoy this fun video that sums up the cheese beautifully.

The cheese is available at most of the leading supermarkets and online as well. Check out their innovative website for more details, and also follow them on Facebook and Twitter for updates. 

This is a sponsored post by Blacksticks Blue Cheese.