Sunday, 11 November 2012

Sponsored video: The Truffle Kerfuffle

There are days when I just dont even want to think about cooking, leave alone actually do it and on those rare occasions, I actually do wish I had some other option other than the ready microwave meals or take away. Scouting around on the internet looking for easy recipes when you are short of time, or even worse..hungry, is not a great idea. First of all, the numerous food pics make you hungry and second, you have waaay too many ideas put in front of you, you end up being more confused and frustrated.

But not to worry people...Scratch Meals comes to your rescue with their wonderful, fresh meals which can all be cooked in the time it takes to heat a ready meal. And what's even better, they are all collaborated by Michel Roux Snr, arguably the finest chef in the world. So you head over to Sainburys on your way back from work, take your pick from Chicken Tikka Masala, Chorizo Paella (I feel stupid thinking I have slaved over this for hours in the past), Chicken Thai Green Curry, Noodle Laksa and Tagliatelle Pistachio Pesto, get home, follow instructions, and in under 8 minutes you have your meal ready.

But there seems to a be slight problem now. Michel Roux has lost a very expensive (30K! gasp!) truffle and a reward is being given to anyone who finds it. It is known to have fallen into Scratch Meal packs and anyone who finds it could win £1 off their next meal and also stand a chance at winning the £10,000 reward for its safe return. For more information on the hunt and clues regarding the missing truffle follow Scratch on Facebook and Twitter.

A heated discussion with Michel's sous chef Richard over a video call has been recorded the day after the truffle went missing. Check it out if you want to get some clues regarding the same.

PS: Apparently pigs are better at finding truffles than dogs. Just a hint ;)

The post has been sponsored by Scratch Meals