Thursday, 18 October 2012

Sponsored video: Black & Decker steam mop

Black & Decker is a brand known to most of us. In fact my first kitchen gadget was a B&D chopper my mom handed down to me after we moved into our first home as a newly married couple. The fact that I never used it much (thanks to the awesomest cook we had who preferred to chop, slice, blend the traditional way) is not to be highlighted though.

The latest addition to their home products range is the Steam Mop, a swanky looking gadget that you would want the moment you lay your eyes on it. I am not a big fan of vacuuming the house but when it comes to mopping, I actually don't have a problem. I don't find it therapeutic, but it does give a sense of achievement to see those wooden floors of mine gleaming.

Its for people like me, that the steam mop comes as a saving grace. The mop boasts killing 99.9% of germs and bacteria and is natural in its cleaning process, which means it needs only tap water to do the job, not to mention the fact that it is both family and eco- friendly. All you need to do is fill up its tank with water, plug in and go. The super heated steam kills any germs or bacteria on your floor and also loosens dirt and grease in seconds. The mop is convenient to use, with the 'Auto Select' technology ensuring the right amount of steam released, of course depending on the floor type selected (hardwood, laminate, marble, tiles etc.). The 500ml easy-fill water tank provides 22 to 40 minutes of cleaning time and is perfect for all those of you who want sparkling clean floors without the hassle of a cloth mop and bucket of water.

Go on, put it on your wish list for Christmas. I know I want one for sure. If the husband is reading this...hint hint!

To get a better idea of how the Steam Mop works, check out this video.


Priya R said...

I use the same at home, really good

Priya said...

Lolz,even i hope my hubby will consider my christmas wish this time.