Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Spicy, garlicky potato wedges

I am on a recipe-trying spree...meaning trying out recipes from other blogs. Yeah, i know i have been doing so for a long time now, and its only getting better:)

There have been quite a few disasters as well. Like the other day i tried red velvet cakes and had to chuck it all because it tasted awful. I shall attempt it again when im in the mood.
It was such a cold day and Ro worked from home which meant constant nagging about lunch, tea, nibbles...and he claims i secretly enjoy showering him with all the attention.DUH!
Anyway, I was blog browsing and came across this awesome blog ...drooling, i decided to make something . Unfortunately the only ingredients available were for the Garlicky Baked Fries and i didnt think twice. Give me potatoes in any form any day and i'll be a very happy person. Carbs carbs, i know, but who cares when its so bloody awesome.
I made a few modifications here and there and the result was marvellous. I paired it with a chilli mayo dip and a shot of espresso and I couldnt have asked for more on the cold winter evening.
  • I used baby potatoes- 6 of them cut into wedges
  • I added 3 dry chillies, crushed, to the garlic and EVOO since i did not have cayenne pepper.
  • I also added a half tsp paprika.
The mayo dip is pretty easy as well. I use store bought garlic mayo (4tbsp), add chilli sauce or ketchup (1 tsp) and a few drops of water and mix well to get a smooth paste. Dip dip dip and chomp chomp chomp.


Anonymous said...

Hi, That looks awesome...perfect to serve with drinks and not as mediocre as just regular chips...

I came across your blog recently..and must say i love your style and unpretentious approach.

I'm an asian living in new york you, i too am married, learning to cook its really fun...and well I guess I can relate a lot to your life :)

Bye for now, Natalie.

An Open Book said...

Hi Natalie...thanks you so much for stopping by and even better knowing there are ppl like me out there :)