Thursday, 8 October 2009

Beef Curry

This is a damn easy beef curry especially if you have a pressure cooker. I usually avoid buying beef out here cos after all the cleaning i am kinda put off the whole thing. It also somehow ends up tasting too beefy...i am sure all of you must be wondering what i mean..but yes i do feel its a lil too obvious for me. This curry however proved me wrong and turned out real well. It was more like a stew but went great with roti.

I followed Maria's recipe to the dot except i used the pressure cooker to do all the cooking. It cooked faster and was more convenient. I kept it on for 3 whistles on low fire and after it was cooked, added the thick coconut milk, stirring in between, till it started boiling. And ofcourse the tempering does the trick for me.

PS: Sorry for the lazy post. After the long break I'm now finding it difficult to start again. All i need is a know where:)
PPS: Ro asked me where the beef was in the pic and i said it was all under there. So sorry for the hidous pic as well.


Enigma said...

LOL lazy bum huh!!!..hehe anyway good to c u cookin anyway and gr8 that the curry turned out to b gud!