Saturday, 22 August 2009

Garlic Infused Rice Gruel a.k.a. Kanji

As mentioned before, i googled how to make Kanji and came across a different recipe from one blog. I am now not able to navigate to that page because i conveniently forgot to bookmark it. Anyways, thanks to that blog, i made the most delectable kanji least according to me and Ro of course. This was the usual one, with a slight twist which made it taste even better.

Rice- 1 cup, washed and cleaned (you can use the red rice which is best, but i prefer the white/basmati rice)
Water- 5 cups or more
Garlic- 2 pods, crushed
Salt- to taste

Heat water in a pressure cooker and once it starts boiling, add the rice, salt and the crushed garlic pods. Close the cooker and place the weight on. After about 5 whistles, remove from fire and wait for the steam to release on its own and then open the cooker. If its too thick, pour some more water and return back to the fire for a few more minutes.

Note: Garlic pods are optional, but they give that extra flavour...not strong, but obvious in its own way.


Reflections said...

Seriously u r getting good at this....I cant stand kanji but ur presentation of the dish[if it can be called tht] actually made my mouth water;-/

An Open Book said...

Reallyy...i love kanji...give it 2 me any day and il gulp it down:)