Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Prawn Fry/sukka

I am not sure i have mentioned this before, but during my glorious days in Chennai, we had a maid who used to cook up the most fabulous of dishes. She was the type who would make dishes even though i hadn't asked her to, but because there was left over this and that and would whip up something tasty. She hated wasting food and if there were left over coriander leaves, she would immediately make a chutney with it, if there was left over chicken from the biriyani marinade, she would make a curry with it. She knew i was completely vulnerable to cooking and would offer to come twice a day and help me if i had guests. I didn't mind at all because i was working full time and couldn't care less about what was happening in the cooking department. She was not unfaithful and if she needed help she would def ask me. As long as there was something on the table to fill the hungry souls, it was fine. The parathas and biriyani she used to make were so so delicious and the sambar..oh god, i regret not having learnt anything from her. The vegetarian dishes were somehow much more tastier than the non-veg ones. She even used to be good with Chinese cooking and the few mallu dishes she learnt from another house, were also really really good. Now when i make sambar both of us sigh and say its no where near what Asha used to make. Ok i could go on and on about Asha and her cooking..but for now, I have tried my hand at her version of the prawns sukka (a term i learnt from her), which according to me is just prawn fry.

Prawns- 150gms, de veined and cleaned
Shallots- 2 big ones sliced into thin pieces
Tomato- 1 small
Ginger garlic paste- 1 tsp
Pepper pwd- 1/ tsp
Coriander pwd- 1/4 tsp
Curry leaves- a sprig

To marinate:
Ginger garlic paste- 2 tsp
Chilli pwd- 1/2 tsp
Turmeric pwd- a pinch
Coriander pwd- 1/4 tsp
Cumin seeds- 1/2 tsp
Salt- to taste

Marinate the prawns with all the ingredients in the 'to marinade section and refrigerate for at least an hour.
Meanwhile in a kadai sautee the shallots, tomatoes and curry leaves till the raw smell dies. Add the Ggp and sautee for a minute or so. Next add the coriander, chilli and pepper powders and mix well. This should be done on low fire till the masala becomes nice and brown. Check salt content and add if necessary. At that point add the prawn marinade, little water and mix the masala well with the prawn. On low fire cook till the water dries up and the masala becomes dry. Serve with rice or parathas.

Notes: Shallots can be replaced with onions
Garam masala can be added, but i personally don't like the taste it brings out and so omitted it
Prawns cook really fast and if you over cook, it becomes hard. So add them only towards the end and make sure the masala is well coated.


Bharathy said...

Did you know that this is a classic recipe! :)
Long Live Asha ;)!
...and one more time you say that you are a disaster in Kitchen, I am up there with my stick ;)!..Mind it! ;)
You have a gorgeous array of homely spreads and I should say I love all!..:)
Keep Rocking, Girl!

An Open Book said...

Really? My prawn sukka didnt taste as gorgeous as hers but it was pretty decent :)
And coming from you, i should be on top of the are such a pro!

miri goes phishing! said...

oh my god....this looks so good...i have been resisting buying prawns.....but these pics just did it for me...i'm so gonna make it this weekend...

An Open Book said...

This is a really easy jus cannot go wrong. And it doesnt have any prawny u don have 2 worry abt that

Justin said...

yum, i might try this recipe

An Open Book said...

Try and reduce the will be even yummier:)

Nags said...

can't believe i have never chanced upon your lovely blog before. glad i did now :)

cherie foodie said...

Looks yummy! I believe sea prawns differ in taste. Ofcourse, I relish the other varieties too.